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Basic Coreless Induction Furnace

Care and Maintenance of Crucible Furnaces

Maintain Records for the Team

Apply Quality Procedures

Inspect and Prepare Pattern Equipment

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Health & Safety Induction Training

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Basic Coreless Induction Furnace

Learn about training for the operations of melting metal and maintenance of the coreless induction furnaces.

Basic Heat Treatment

Learn about understanding the heat treatment of castings and why it is necessary.

Basic Mathematics

Learn about the introduction to understand the concept of using mathematics, in everyday life.

Engineering Drawing

Learn about N1 engineering drawings, help to understand the development and reading of machine, castings and pattern drawings.

Arc Furnaces

Learn about training for the operations of melting metal and maintenance of the electrodes and furnace.

Care and Maintenance of Crucible Furnaces

Learn about the correct method for melting non-ferrous metals and treatment of crucibles.

Continuous Mixers

Learn about the correct way to work with a continuous mixer for the sand mixing in the foundry to produce moulds.


Learn about theory only on the correct way of loading and moving a load.

Basic Supervisor Course

Learn about working in a team, communication, reporting, stock control, quality and industrial relations.

Basic Metallurgy

Learn about understanding the chemical analysis and density of the metals for the melting operations.


Learn about calculations, density and feeding of castings.

Hand Tools

Learn about using the correct tools for the operations and how to look after them. Storage.