South African and proud of it!

The foregoing statement confirms an option I have held for many years and have taken every opportunity to expand – here and overseas.

The South African Metal Workers Industry is equal to the challenge of modern metallurgical demands – and this is of paramount importance – provided the manufacturer is rewarded for his effort.

South Africa has a great possibility of developing a strong export market.

I firmly believe that we have been hiding our light under a bushel for too long as regards our industrial activities.

If South African is to take its place among the industrial countries of the world we must look to export trade in order to bolster up our output.

We cannot always afford to “tool up” on the same scale as in the plants overseas, but we have this country the advantage of cheap basic materials, relatively cheap power, proper supervision and our labour potential is there to be employed productively. I stress, therefore, the point that we must make full use of our inherent resources.

Production technology is required to set the course for the most efficient method of creating industrial output, which can compete with that of other countries. Now this is where the South African Institute of Foundrymen comes into the whole synopsis, to help with this, by training. To be able to offer both technical and practical training of an extremely high standard we need to know where, what and when you need the assistance.

The training can be done by technical institutions, in house training, or correspondence.

Any scheme such as this would require sponsorship by the Industry, sponsorship of both the finance and the student.

Our lads are quick to learn – those who want to make a success of their lives, I feel sure, consequently, that given the same opportunity of training as our competition overseas, our lads would excel themselves and probably at some time in the future be accepted leaders in the metal industry.

Let us then face up to the facts that there is not as much work freely available but there is work, though, and if we really want to stay in business, then we must look for it, open up new markets and develop new techniques to meet new situations.

The QTE is performing a service to the Industry, and it is to be hoped that the members and companies will rally round to offer full support to this important aspect of helping us to help them to become a force to be reckoned with in the world markets.

“Lang may yer lum reek” is a popular saying in Scotland. I have been wondering about this expression lately, particularly in view of all the new acts, surfacing, think of that – and cast your mind back over the years –

Profits have been down

Competition has been keen

There has been an outflow of capital

Money has been tighter,

There are unemployed people and one could hardly say that

“We have never had it so bad”, but for sure we have had it a lot worse.

We live in one of the finest countries in the world – ideal climatic conditions, high standard of living and many more advantages which if publicized widely enough, would make us the envy of millions throughout the world.

There is no doubt that with the record that we have behind us and projects ahead of us, which the QTE constantly endeavor to, meet the needs of the SA metal working and metallurgical industry which we serve.

Nicki Gouws

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