News Letter

QTE has broaden its horizons by forming a partnership with various training Providers on the basis of their clients and our wide accreditation status. 2016 will surely bring unchartered waters, but we have better technology and craftsmanship than the builders of Titanic. We are looking forward to this new and exciting period ahead of us.

Balance of November / December 2016, will be dedicated to the Extension of scope for other SETA”s, such as TETA and HWSETA for further accreditation. Basic Maintenance of a Coreless Induction Furnace training will be presented to a number of Foundries before the annual Shut down period.

Foundry training has and will always be our Core training and we look forward to passionately serve the Industry we have come to love and which has been part of our lives for so long.

Training & Testing

In order to fill the critical gap in the foundry training structure, Steloy has applied and undergone a rigorous audit process by merSETA to become an approved training and test centre for chemically bonded sand moulding and pattern-making. And, at the beginning of July 2012, Steloy received official confirmation to go ahead with training and test operations which will be made available both internally to Steloy staff as well as to the industry at large.

Steloy, received accreditation from NAMB, for training and a Trade testing centre, this year.(2016)
QTE Training, supplies the Theoretical training and some of the practical components.

QTE is very proud to work hand in hand with STELOY, to supply the Industry with highly trained artisans.
To date we have had 15 moulders and patternmakers, doing their trade tests.


W. Nieuwoudt Moulder April 2013
L. Gouws Patternmaker April 2013
T Otte Patternmaker August 2013
G Ntebele Moulder October 2013
T Smit Patternmaker November 2013
Z Phumo Moulder June 2014
R Else Patternmaker June 2014
R Mokoena Moulder June 2014
E Kerspuy Moulder June 2014
J Pretorius Patternmaker September 2014
J Eickhoff Patternmaker September 2015
TM Mavimela Moulder April 2016
A Mabens Patternmaker April 2016