ARPL Training in Cable Manufacturing

Session Contact Session with QTE Workplace Experience and Evidence Collection Exit level Outcome US Unit Standard Title NQF Level US Credits
Develop a learing plan and a portfolio for assessment 12465

Understand skills development
Develop alearning plan
Fundamental Prepare a portfolio for assessment

Use and care for tools and equipment Taking care of tools & equipment
9879 Working safely with tools and equipment
Working safely with electricity / Hydraulics / compress air
Core Prepareing to work on equipment

Operate and monitor machinery 9876 Perform quality checks / Prepare for work activities/ Setting upthe process / operate the process/ Perform operational checks
Core Monitor machinery / Apply ajustments to machinery / Recording & reporting aspects of production/ Shutting down the process
Interim Assessment PoE Building Session 28
Deal with safety, health & environmental emergencies I the workplace 1322 Elective
Perform basic First aid & Fire fighting 12483 / 12484 Elective
Complete post-production and finishing operations 9878 Apply quality standards in the work place / The importance of product identification
Core Adhere to stacking & handling procedures / Applying storing & preserving procedures
Perform basic winding / rewinding of cable manufacturing materials. 10584 Relevant PPE / Policies / Company SOP’s
Wire winding machine / Butt welder / Measuring units
Elective Workplace quality control structured procedures / Documentation in the winding & re-winding process / Structure for reporting.
Interim Assessment PoE Building Session

Final Assessment PoE Building Session
TOTAL 11 Days 3 Months