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QTE operates a totally integrated, unified, flexible and high quality education and training system that prepares all learners and their Companies to take advantage of a rapidly changing global environment.


To become a Private Trainer of national, regional renown, providing multi-level quality tertiary education and training including continuing professional education geared towards sustained capacity building for increasingly technology-driven industry-based developments.


To offer a range of training programmes and activities in full-time, part-time and mixed modes to meet the changing needs of the Metal Industry and develop a regional and international dimension to its activities. QTE will aim for excellence along traditional as well as beyond traditional approaches to teaching, training, research and consultancy.


To provide access to a wide range of students for the acquisition of knowledge and skills with which they can make future professional contributions in various key sectors of the socio-economic and technological advancement of Metal Industry and aspire to become dynamic players in regional and international activities.


  •  To admit students with a range of entry qualifications and academic and professional experience
  •  To deliver programmes which can be entered and exited at different Levels
  •  To offer part-time and distance education in addition to full-time study
  •  To cooperate with government and business in developing lifelong learning, research and consultancy
  • To promote completion of education amongst students
  • To help students benefit from a physical environment appropriate to their development


  • Using Trainers with a range of qualifications, academic and professional experience
  •  To deliver training which can be understood at different Levels
  •  To cooperate with the Metal Industry, SETA’s and business in developing lifelong learning, research and consultancy
  • To build up and develop full-time and part-time staff of high caliber


  •  Quality of the deliverables
  •  The service provider (QTE) will be expected to monitor and control the standard of all the material designed and developed including but not limited to the expected deliverables.
  •  Benchmark report submitted as per approved reporting requirements
  •  Standard programme packages designed and developed for generic fundamental unit standards in the OLD THETA qualifications framework at N levels 2, 3 and 4.
  •  Policy on the implementation of generic fundamental unit standards developed in line with the other SETA ETQAs policy as well as the SAQA regulations.


QTE is available to arrange site visits, to help understand the problem; perceived by the plant personnel. Capabilities to address them directly, or assist implementation of changes, and monitor progress until the problem is sorted. We help with the registration of learners at MerSeta at a small cost and benefit to the company.

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Our training courses are designed to equip people at all levels with the necessary skills and knowledge for working in the metal industry as well as reducing incidents in the workplace.





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